Habitat diversity at Sandfields includes Broadleaf Woodland, Acacia Bushveld and Floodplain including the Nyl River and a number of perennial springs, allowing birders to experience a variety of birdlife. On occasion, this provides opportunities for birders to observe “specials” for example Eurasian Bittern, Rufous‑bellied Heron, Dwarf Bittern, Allen’s Gallinule and Streaky-breasted Flufftail.  The floodwaters of the Nyl river attract aquatic life and an array of invertebrates and birds to the area in summer.  Sandfields is particularly well known for its undisturbed indigenous forests of Marula, Wild Syringa, Silvercluster, Tambotie and Bushwillow. 

All bird images were taken at Sandfields and Forests and are courtesy Warwick Tarboton, Sue Walker and Jean-Pierre Beukes.